Folding Design for Portability

The CS-HP500, the top headphone set of its class, features a chic design, high sound quality, and superb durability.

38mm-units offer powerful bass and majestic sound recreation.

-The flap-on attachment blocks out background noise and minimizes the exterior resonance of the sound emitted from the headphones.


-The 2-level fold design overcomes the problem of poor portability, a major weakness of conventional headphones; users can conveniently carry and use the headphones outdoors.


Noise blocking effect and sound quality suitable for outdoor use
Premium ear pads make the headphones perfect for outdoor use by providing rich sound quality and blocking out background noise.

Stylish design fitting for fashion accessories
Stylish design available in various colors transforms the headphones into a colorful item of the user’s day-to-day fashion ensemble.

35Ω impedance allows optimal sound output whether in use with portable audio devices or with Hi-Fi audio and DVD players.

-6.3mm-long plug attachment compatible with audio and DVD players is included in the basic package to facilitate a range of different uses.